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Saturday, April 23, 2011

my viking dealer called yesterday evening to tell me nothing was wrong with my machine!  so, what am i doing that messes up the 'puter inside?   perhaps when i leave it on for long stretches of time, 3, 4 hrs, it gets a little messed up.  turn it off for at least half a day, and when it's truned on again, it's reset itself.  my old singer would do that,  mess up the computer, cool off and reset itself.  so, my desktop does it,too.
will sure be glad to have it back!  have been cutting more projects and now have them stacked and stashed here and there.  some in pizza boxes, some hung, with their rows completed, over paper towel rolls that are slit on the length and slipped over a hanger, some are bagged and stored in my cupboards.   i like pressing and cutting my fabric!   and a few are being quilted. 

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