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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

new post

flowers for my strawberry fields bali pops 1600 race quilt top ... ready to fix and taking a minut to make sure it's the way i want it to look.

and some recent stash builders ....
new plums and purples phaze?
from nicholeann's
 from daisy cottage used a really nice gift certificate!
kona solids from z&s on sale!                                                          
and batiks on sale at my lqs, which, sadly is about to close down
i'm hand stitching the appliques on my 'garden of hope; alternating with knitting sox for my dbil ... for his diabetic feet.  the yarn has aloe in it and  is really soft .  it's the second pair for him.   these are warm sox, just right for now, as it's cooling down.  snow's on the mountain tops; most of the leaves are gone.  so i'm ready for the soon to be winter ... lotsa fabric, lotsa yarn!

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