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Saturday, July 28, 2012

since the last time

i friend and i made a quick trip up to the big city for a round at the quilt shops ... i just picked up a few items!  three pieces of extra wide batik for backings for my lap size quilts [where is the gold swirls piece?]  the gold swirls and the dk teal will make two backings 53 x 62; that rich brown on will make four the same size!    the mango salsa treat will make the mango salsa stars quilt with one of those rich brown backing pieces.  two skeins of handyed merino and cshmere [handdyed by a lady down in juneau] from the quilted raven downtown for a shawl [for me] and an almost full roll of fusible.

 i have the poppies for poppy paparazzi done and stashed for now.

i've pulled the fabric for 'zenquilty'  a lizzie b cre8ive pattern ... like poppy paparazzi, make a background, applique on top of it.

and my daughter brought down a jones shuttle treadle machine [c. 1936] for me that she found in anchorage  ... were there no singers?  there is also, no bobbin.   she said it was supposed to be there, but she said they're on the 'net and i could get things for it.


  1. What a wonderful sewing machine...

    1. thank you, barb. have yet to look it up and get a few bobbins. something to look forward to doing.

  2. Beautiful fabrics and what a neat machine! Hope you got some bobbins for it!