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Sunday, July 1, 2012

making hay while the sun didn't shine

i dredged up a 'kit' i cut last fall and started sewing it together. i made a new center for the 'water wheel' pattern from jewel box patterns that i got from our lqs and saw the second pattern on i thought i could make it and it looks as though it'll turn out fine. i pieced a background for a b&w 'poppy paparazzi' pattern [by samsarah] and am ready to cut the poppies [sooner or later] and did a test run with my new olfa circle cutter. sure like the cutter! it could have been lined up a little better, but that's what i get for getting up in the middle of the night to work on it.

sometimes it's so easy to put these posts together, other times you can't get them to go like you want them to.  

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  1. I got a circle Olfa for Christmas and haven't figured out what to do! Maybe you can give me some tips. Your projects look very nice. I think I will join your blog!