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Saturday, December 8, 2012

long time passed

so little accomplished ... so much time has passed!   i've been hand sewing and have three rows joined; a fourth row has one more flower to join now that a day or two has passed since i had my camera out.  the last five flowers are waiting for their hexie papers, though. 
prizes!  one hundred blocks won from ... gasp!  i wrote this down so i could remember, now i can't find my note.  the second hundred blox book, the trophy mug and bonus bundle of flannel fq's is my prize won from the quiltmaker mag!   i also won five skeins of knit picks wool of the andes peruvian worsted and a pattern for the devon cardigan, a great sweater pattern [i wrote the giver's name down on the same note as the first one]  they also sent a hank of misty alpaca, sock weight along with the knit picks yarn, i presume, as an apology for having to wait for so long for them to send it.   btw, i gave the first 100 blox mag to my sis!
two new projects ... a sweater i'm knitting with a llama and silk blend [sigh, so nice!]  the back is done, the fronts are half way.   and a shawl for myself - merino and silk blend.   my other shawls are done and waiting to be rinsed and stretched, but, since i pin them to my carpet, i'll have to wait a little longer 'til i can get down on my knees [i fell on my knees a few months ago and they're still too sore.  doc said i'm too old for them to heal quickly (LOL) but the swelling is gone now!]

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