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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the good, the bad, the ugly

the good:  yesterday was my post office day ... i brought home two packages!   from canton village quilt works:  a new supply of kona solids to replenish my stash.

and  from sewcalgal for my prize from the colonial needle giveaway ... a measuring tape, seem ripper, and magnet  and a little pack of needles!

the bad:  by afternoon i had knit a row on each of my projects. so i picked up one to work another row and saw a glaring error.  i set that aside and checked the green shawl that i had  begun a new pattern way and found i had miscounted on the third repeat of 19.  soooo, i set that aside and picked up the sox and found i had worked the same row twice.  sigh.  i gathered them up,set them aside and  went back to finish my morning project. 

the ugly:  went back to do the next step on a self binding receiving blanket for my soon to be dggs,   pressed all the inside seems in the proper direction and turned it right side out -- no mitered corners; the corners weren't corners.    i had mitered the corners from wrong side -- the seam side; not the fold side.  yikes.  wasn't up to taking a picture and showing that off.   break time.  have been reading since.   maybe for another day.

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