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Monday, June 4, 2012

closing in on the mystery quilt

clue 6 is here and it put the pieces together!  the borders clue will be the last, and i'm thinking about them, whether i will use the green or the gold for the little border.  sew, i set rhe the pieces under to see which i'll use ... the green!  just got the word that we may get the border clue soon, that we may not have to wait!  it seems we're anxious to finish the top now that we're almost there.

and i was off to the post office again ... i found a notion on sale that i've been wanting, and of course, that meant i had to browse the sales, too, but the prints are not quite what i envisioned when i saw them in print and will give them to my sis who gets all such pieces and she takes them out to the local quilt club for their rummage box.  the stripe i can use and one always needs solids.

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  1. I like the green too! And I like the quilt under it. I'll have to go to your flickr page and check out those quilts. Thanks for sharing!