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Sunday, June 24, 2012

new stuff

my daughter and her new granson!    born late friday evening, he and mom are home now, doing just fine!

i just remembered, i did not get pix of the baby quilt and things i made for him.  i was in a big hurry to finish them ... last sunday my daughter came down and brought me back to anchorage with her.  she brought me back down tuesday night after i had a chance to shope 'til we dropped and visit around.

  some of my loot; we went to all five quilt shops , michaels and joann's! 

 i found this new gadget, a craft cutter that, i hope, will do a good job cutting little bitty applique pieces.  made by slice, it has a ceramic blade [very small]   it's supposed to  stay sharp forever, and will never rust

it seems that i've done a lot of other shopping, too.   an olfa circle cutter that works slick as a whistle, and two good fabric sales .

will see if these patterns are easy peasy bargellos!  one pattern uses a jelly roll, the other a layer cake.


  1. Looks like you had fun shopping.

  2. you, betcha! gotta take advantage of a trip up to the big city these days ... they're few and far between now that i'm older.

  3. Congrats on the safe delivery of the baby and on the nice haul of loot!!

    1. thank you marguerita for taking a look and commenting!