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Friday, May 25, 2012

new clue!

clue #4 came as scheduled and i've worked it ... discovering the blocks will be set on point!   i stacked my completed rows so i could put it away after the photo session.  [everybody else laid their pieces out full size for their show and tell pix.]  so now i'm set for clue #5 which came in today.  i'll get to it tomorrow

i finished my grey shawl i started some time ago ... and another, 
this one is knit side to side; i really like it. pima cotton fingering; it took for ever to dry, but the recipient can machine wash and dry.

this one is o.k., but was supposed to be much larger.  i used the lace weight called for [but not the one used in the pattern]  it's the same size is the grey one.

this fabric caught my eye when i was browsing sales ... pinfeathers!   and i can always use light colored solids for background ... on sale too!  i can't seem to remember to get the pix before i wash.   they look better then, but they make me itch!

and best of all ... my volulme 5 100 blocks came in!   love block 405!  my very favorite!

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  1. well, phooey! i pulled the wrong picture of the wrong fabric ... i got that pin feathers not long ago. now i can't find the picture of what came last - don't even remember what came with that blue piece. senior momnent