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Sunday, September 23, 2012

last coupla weeks

time's been whizzing by lately ... and i've been picking up packages every time ive been to the post office ...

fabric for my christmas project

a skein of yarn, a prize [ i was going to say from ... but it escapes me now] and a piece of batik widebacking, a very small cutter with a rotating blade and a pack of needles

some white ss classic redheart yarn and a set of pearl cotton, both prizes from different weeks from stitch and unwind, a new sock book with a great pattern in it, and a hank of quviut sox yarn from a shop over in skagway.

the half circle shawl that i finished is more or less stretched ... there is a broken thread near the bottom edge that has to be repaired.  i don't know how or why that happened!   i only soak my finish and squeeze gently to rinse , fold it into a towel and pat it then lay it out to be stretched.  i saw the broken thread and did not stretch and pin it.   i can fix it, but dont know if i'll gift it now.

i didn't get any sewing done [sigh] but i did get this made!   a squat mason jar pin cushion with my fave piece of scrap ... shamrocks and ribbons.  i couldn't find my curved pins to put in there; looked and looked, and found them a week later pinning a sandwiched quilt together for quilting.    btw, the pincushion isn't that big, it's just the camera angle.

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