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Sunday, September 9, 2012

package in the mail!

hancock's of paducah's sale on batiks was just too good to resist!   the batik on the bottom is silver 'blush birch leaf' ... too gorgeous for words and the tonga treats were $17.   what more can i say?

10 flowers! 

i've cast off one shawl and cast on another and worked the foundation row on it.   this one is an alaskan one, out of sitka in southeastern [alaska] and worked bottom up ... the first bottom up for me.  pix of the half circle one i finished when i've got it stretched.

and a new toy:  the new ipad, 32gb that can be used anywhere.  the keyboard is built into the case and is easier to use.   all i have to do is learn to use it!   will load my patterns and pix in soonest.    this's my practice picture a few days ago!  that's progress; to take a picture with it and retrieve it, too!


  1. We're on a hexie roll here at the store too. Love the new gadget. :) Thanks for leaving your blog link on the page. We're following. :)

    1. thanx for the comment and following! things have been slow here ... can't work on my hexies 'til my sore thumb heals. [sigh]