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Saturday, September 1, 2012

new month!

i caved, and sent for this gorgeous christmassy tree pattern that i've been drooling over, and then had to get it's companion piece, too.   i'm sew lucky!

and speaking of lucky, this 6 inch charm pack is a prize that i won in july, and now that i've got it in hand, i can't remember who gave the prize ... i didn't write it down when it came!  [senior moment]

the background pieces for 'a walk in the woods have gone from rows to done already.  waiting for me to cut out the leaves.

i have lots, well, 2/3's of my hexies basted and have decided i erred on the number of flowers needed and cut some more.  i'm making lap size, about 52" square; my flowers are 7 1/2" and i figured to put 5 down and 5 across, but i'll have to make 7 across to get a reasonable square.  the border with it's vines and smaller flowers will make it about 52"!

so, i had a 20% coupon for the fat quarter shop and got 1 and a 1/2 yds each of all the kona greys:  charcoal, iron, medium grey, steel and ash!   iron and steel are pretty close!


  1. OOO! those grey fabrics are very pretty. I follow the designer of the Christmas patterns. They are gorgeous and will be fun to do.
    Congrats on your win.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment about the word verification. It can be very frustrating. Did you know that you have word verification for your comments?

  2. thanx muchly for the coments and telling me about the verification thingy ... fixed! no more verification!