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Sunday, December 30, 2012

my hexalong is coming along ... 4 rows together, three rows ready to join

 prize:  from fabric cafe ... 900 inches of chenille!

prize:  from this'n'that

a shawl for a gift ... emerald green

the other shawl, also a gift

spool pincushions for some quilty gifts

and my treat from the lqs! 
so, i must have spent my december  knitting, blogging and doing a little shopping and very little sewing!   but i've sorted, reorganized and gave away two bags  of my stash to the local guild for their charity projects.   that really wasn't enough to give me some space, though, so i'll do it again.    y'all have a happy new  year!                          


  1. Beautiful bright red and green fabrics. Is there a name or manufacturer on the salvage?

  2. both those gorgeous pieces are marble swirls by modafabrics.

  3. You had an outstanding fabrics. Are those bought from any hyper-market or store or they are handmade? I am impressed and you had a very good talent. Keep it up!

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