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Sunday, February 10, 2013

february, too, is going fast!

 my bff sis made me a thread catcher!   what a nice surprise!   i'm so fortunate to have her!

online shopping ... got half of them on a really nice sale, then came across a really great sale and go some more.  love  kona solids!

 have two more smaller flowers to go and some buds and leaves to make.  vines and stems are ready.  borders are cut. 

the back, fronts and sleeves are done and waiting to be joined so i can work the yoke.  this is a heavy piece!  the baby llama and silk is worsted weight and heavy, but very nice to work with.
my half pi shawl is ready for the border rows and then the edging!   and my cladonia shawl is coming off the needles ... pix when it's stretched. 


  1. love that green thread catcher. very nice friend.
    lovin' those solid fabrics.

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